Our team consists of Canadian food technology leaders, flavour specialists, and expert nutritionists, who joined their efforts in research activities to create our first two products: MACA+ (formerly MACA SUTRA) and ASHWAGANDA+ (formerly SMART LIME). These juices are free of highly refined sugars, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and caffeine.

BOLÉ is a unique line of functional natural health drinks formulated with proven plant extracts and hi-quality ingredients. The result is great tasting beverages leveraging powerful botanicals designed to improve people’s health. Featuring high amounts of active ingredients, our products give consumers access to healthy drinks and certified plant extracts that work.
We are passionate in setting higher standards of excellence in the beverage industry, speaking with a focused, compelling voice that resonates with cultural and consumer relevance, committed to educating people on functional foods, thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle.